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Course Description


ENGL 170W-01: Fall 2011
M/W, 10:15-12:05, King 107
Prof. Ferguson
Twitter: @ProfFerguson  @ENG170W
Office Hours: M/W, 3:00-4:00 in Klapper 711

BULLETIN Course Description: An inquiry into what it means to study literature, involving close reading and critical analysis of a wide variety of prose fiction, drama, and poetry, and informed by an introduction to some of the theoretical issues currently invigorating literary studies. This course combines a study of literature with continued training in clear and effective expression. Designed for prospective English majors and other interested students.

A HYBRID COURSE: What is a hybrid course? A hybrid (or “blended”) course is when between 20% and 80% of scheduled class meetings are replaced with online activities or virtual meetings. Our class will replace 50% of our face-to-face meetings with digital components. We will use Twitter and a Qwriting blog to stay connected when we are not meeting face-to-face.

A “W” COURSE: What is a “W” course? A writing-intensive “W” course uses writing to help students develop their understanding of course materials and concepts. “W” courses tend to be smaller than non-“W” courses, so that instructors can devote time and attention to the writing and writing process of individual students. “W” courses also give students a chance to practice writing in ways that are particular to specific disciplines.

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