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Annotated Bibliography (3-4 pp.)

Imagine yourself as being a New Critic, and consider the major tension or contradiction in your short story. Use the library’s resources to find three secondary sources that relate to your story and its central tension. Using MLA style, create a Works Cited page for these three items. These sources should be scholarly, academic ones such as journal articles, book chapters, scholarly film reviews, and filmmaker interviews. Do not use Internet search engines or popular magazines and newspapers. Instead, use a variety of electronic databases like JSTOR, Academic Search Complete, and the CUNY+ catalog.

After identifying and preparing citations for three sources, provide one-paragraph annotations for each. These annotations, or “evaluative summaries,” should begin with a 2-3 sentence overview of the article, continue with 2-3 sentences that cite and contextualize key quotations or terms, and conclude with 2-3 sentences that discuss how this source will be useful to your project.

Audience: An English professor who is not necessarily familiar with the research you uncover

Sample of one entry for this assignment [pdf link]

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